Water Transport

The Pettinacci company can fulfil the demands for the supply of drinking water, ensuring the highest quality standards possible with tanks complying with the strictest rules on the transport of food substances:

  • domestic use
  • filling swimming pools
  • support to companies
  • supply to construction sites
  • supply in case of mains water failure
  • vittorio@trasportoacqua.eu  +39 335 8241458

Platform Rental

Spider platforms: They can operate almost everywhere in situations impossible for traditional platforms. The TSJ24 platform functions independently, with a thermal engine and electrically by battery, or by connecting to the AC current.
The platform moves smoothly even off-road and on steep slopes such as ramps of garages, stairways, etc. It can pass through a normal door and works easily tight and confined spaces with no noise or exhaust fumes. Uneven terrain, steep slopes and delicate floors pose no problem to its stabilisation. It is easy to use and safe.

Lift: To ensure a perfect move – fast, inexpensive and safe lift. Max. lifting 20m; max. weight 200 kg; max. speed 33m/min.

david@trasportoacqua.eu +39 346 3870082

Crane Service

This service is provided by the IVECO Eurocargo 100E18 crane – 9m crane with a payload of 4450 kg. Comes with qualified staff in full compliance with safety regulations.

david@trasportoacqua.eu +39 346 3870082

Transport of Aggregates

The Pettinacci company can also transport inert materials such as sand, gravel, expanded clay, vermiculite and perlite used commonly in the building industry mainly as components of composite materials such as concrete, asphalt concretes and plasters.

vittorio@trasportoacqua.eu +39 335 82 41 458

sauro-pettinacci@libero.it +39 335 83 06 504
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The Pettinacci company also provides earthmoving and transport services by means of its vans, trucks and bobcats.
sauro-pettinacci@libero.it +39 346 3870082